College ID Cards for Staff

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While students are compulsorily made to wear ID Cards at colleges, it is becoming more common to see teachers & other staff wearing them too. ID Cards will help in emergency situations & also for identification during college events, functions, etc.

No person can be left out - ID Cards are essential for everyone. Our ID Cards are printed with important details of the staff such as name, phone number, department, designation, photo, emergency contact details, blood group, address and other information that are vital during an emergency. They can also be used for attendance marking when used with accessories such as Proximity Cards & Card Holders. They also prove useful at functions such as annual days & events where people can identify the staff as members of the school and ask them for guidance. It establishes a sense of organization in the school with everyone wearing ID Cards, be it lecturers, teachers, office staff, admin staff, helpers, students & others.
That is why ID Cards are being adopted by more and more colleges everyday. We recommend using our best quality APiT (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology) ID Cards at your college to make everyone at your college efficient and increase the reputation of your institution.

- Designed with our special in-house technology known as APiT (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology)
- Smudge Proof
- Water Resistant
- Superior Quality card base
- Spectrum Colours used for image clarity
- Cards can be washed if dust accumulates
- Images / text print does not fade easily
- Best results when used with our Card Holders, Badge Clips, Badge Reels and/or Neck Lanyards
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