Regular Hook Flat Soft Tags - 16 mm

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This Tag is the one for you if you are looking for a wide range of colours and different kinds of hooks. It is available in many different attractive colours, with each having different types of hooks. People are surely going to love this tag!

Neck Lanyards (Tags) are the most preferred way of displaying an ID Card. This tag offers you a wide range of choices with respect to its colour and the types of hooks. It is available in sought-after colours such as Green, Navy Blue and Red making it very attractive. The tags are compatible with both Manual and Digital Tag Printing, making them truly personalized according to your choice. Its width is considered the perfect size for all applications. Therefore, this Tag is one of the more liked options available.

- Available in colours of Green, Red and Navy Blue
- Width: 16 mm
- Best Quality Metal
- Hook for Card Holder
- Quality Knitted-fabric
- Company name can be printed on request. See the Tag Printing page.