How to buy?

  1. 1

    Do I have to place my order online?

    No, we do not offer the option of online ordering. You can choose the products you want and click on the 'Enquire Now!' button, or you can call us at 98809-16245 for more details and quotes.
  2. 2

    Do you send us an artwork before proccessing?

    Yes, after the ID Card design is made, we send you an artwork that you have to approve. Once approved, you cannot make any more changes. You can point out the changes when the artwork is sent, and we will make the changes accordingly and send another artwork, which will then need your approval.
  3. 3

    How to make payments?

    You can pay by sending us a cheque. You can also pay by cash when collecting the cards at our office.
  4. 4

    What is the minimum order quantity?

    After the first time, you can place an order even for one card. The minimum order quantity for the first time will be intimated when you contact us. Some ID Card accessories may have a minimum quantity for each order.
  5. 5

    What is the cost of an ID Card?

    For a price quotation, you can select the products you require and select 'Enquire Now!' or call us at 98809-16245.
  6. 6

    Are your ID Cards the best?

    We believe so! Our ID Cards are made with a special in-house technology known as APit (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology) that delivers high quality output everytime. It ensures the clarity of photos is the best and the text is clear and crisp. We have more than a decade of experience in this field, with many companies across Bangalore trusting us for their ID Card requirements. That is why we are emerging as one of the best liked companies of Bangalore.
  7. 7

    Can orders be cancelled?

    Once you place an order, it cannot be cancelled since this is a processed & customized product.