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ID Cards are required in almost every sector today. Hospitals are definitely one of them. With a large workforce and regular appointment of new employees, it will be difficult to manage all of them manually. ID Cards help a lot in automating the process. See below for more.

Hospitals are one of the highest employment sectors. They have lots of people working from the bottom level like helpers, nurses to top levels such as head surgeons, doctors, managers, etc. With such a large workforce, it will definitely be difficult to manage all of them manually. Therefore, Hospital ID Cards can help automate the process. When ID Cards are issued to all employees and coupled with the right accessories, they can help in authentication & marking of attendance. People will be easily able to identify the different staff of the hospital and verify whether they are real employees of the hospital or people misleading them. When a hospital attendant is wearing an ID card, they can easily identify him/her and request help and directions. They also add a sense of professionalism and orderliness to the hospital with all employees wearing ID cards.

This will be a great solution for all hospitals. With fields such as department and designation on the cards, you can assign a card for everyone. Also, with our fast processing and shipping, you can issue ID cards to new employees within a few days of their joining. As our ID Carda are made of our special in-house technology, APiT (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology), they will be of high quality and the output will be the best. Even the durability of the cards and accessories will be good, making them long lasting too. That is why Akash ID Cards are the best choice for every hospital!

- Designed with our special in-house technology known as APiT (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology)
- Smudge Proof
- Water Resistant
- Superior Quality card base
- Spectrum Colours used for image clarity
- Cards can be washed if dust accumulates
- Images / text print does not fade easily
- Best results when used with our Card Holders, Badge Clips, Badge Reels and/or Neck Lanyards
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