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Escort Passes are used in different sectors for different purposes. However, when you read the whole description below, you will come to know why they will be required for all types of organizations.

In restaurants, large organizations and during public events, we can see a lot of VIPs and VVIPs visiting. To provide security cover for them, certain escort people are appointed so that they reach their cars safely without any disturbance or harm. However, it is essential that the details of these people are verified before they are appointed as an escort. That is wh, these Escort Passes from Akash ID Concepts will be very useful. People wearing these ID Cards can be identified as authentic & officially appointed escorters, with their details printed on the ID Card containing all their information. This shows that they are verified escorters & can be trusted. It prevents confusion created when other people try to act as escorters for their personal gain and ensures the safety of the guests. Therefore, these escort passes are important for organizations.

However, these escort passes come to a different use in schools, playhomes & daycare centers. Escort Passes are issued to parents or other people who come to pick up the child. When these ID Cards are issued, the school/playhome staff can identify that the person is authorized to collect the child and can safely let the child go with them. Therefore, these passes help in schools by acting as a method of verification and to authenticate the people coming to pick up the children. This increases the safety level of the school and prevents unauthorized people and strangers from picking up the children & causing confusion. Therefore, these Escort Passes will prove very useful when they are implemented at schools.

- Designed with our special in-house technology known as APiT (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology)
- Smudge Proof
- Water Resistant
- Superior Quality card base
- Spectrum Colours used for image clarity
- Cards can be washed if dust accumulates
- Images / text print does not fade easily
- Best results when used with our Card Holders, Badge Clips, Badge Reels and/or Neck Lanyards
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