Corporate ID Cards

  1. Employee ID Cards


    Best quality ID Cards for your employees. With many design choices suited for different types of companies.

  2. Visitor Badges


    To manage visitor flow in large companies, Visitor badges are essential. They enable you to filter out unauthorized visitors by issuing the cards only to verified visitors.

  3. Escort Passes

    Required by high-end companies for employees who are in charge of escorting people such as VIPs, VVIPs and important guests. The ID Card can be used for background verification and authentication. Used mainly in places such as restaurants, large companies, events, etc.
  4. Student ID Cards

    Best ID Card solution for your college! Provide ID Cards to all your students for easy identification of school, class, house, etc. and for security purposes too.
  5. Staff ID Cards

    ID Cards are required for everyone, not only students. You can provide these ID Cards to all employees at your college, be it teachers, admin staff, office staff, helpers, security, etc. It leads to a sense of orderliness and organization in the college.
  6. Membership ID Cards

    Make the members of your association/club/union feel special! Provide them ID Cards to wear at meetings, gatherings, functions, etc. so that you can easily identify the members.

    You can also provide these ID cards for volunteers at an association event so people can easily recognize them and ask for help or directions.

  7. Employee ID Cards

    It is very important to provide ID Cards to your employees. This ensures that only authorized people are let inside your factory/warehouse/workplace. ID Cards have become a very essential product for industry employees today.
  8. Visitor ID Cards

    Provide temporary visitor ID Cards to your factory/warehouse visitors so that they can be easily identified and authorized to walk through your workplace.

    These cards can be remitted at your office reception at exit, making them reusable. This helps filter out the unwanted and unauthorized people who try to enter your workplace.

  9. Corporate Event Badges

    These badges are perfect for events such as concerts, sports events, functions, gatherings & other public events where registered people are allowed to enter.

    You can write the particulars such as name & seat type on the cards and issue them directly to the visitors on arrival. It ensures security at the event premises & helps track down unauthorized people entering the venue.

  10. Hospital ID Cards

    The solution all hospitals require! An easy way to manage the large workforce at hospitals. If coupled with the right accessories, this ID Card will be useful for all authentication and attendance purposes. ID Cards can be assigned parameters such as department and designation so that the ID Cards can be issued to all workers. Quick delivery & processing of orders ensures quick issue of ID Cards to new employees as the no. of employee exits and entries will be larger than other sectors.
  11. Car Parking Badges

    This is a unique concept by Akash ID Concepts. These are small cards with a thread that can be hung to the rear view mirrors inside the cars of visitors and employees.

    For employees, it can be used as a way of appointing a certain numbered parking place for them. In the case of visitors, they can be used for identification of visitors' vehicles inside your campus.