Car Parking Badges

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Quick Overview

This is a new and unique concept by Akash ID Concepts. It is the perfect solution for managing the cars entering your premises. They are also suitable for assigning parking spaces to employees.

People do not like it when visitor stickers are pasted on their cars. Therefore, we have tried to tackle this situation by introducing car parking badges. These are temporary ID cards with a special thin tag that can be attached to the interior mirror of the car. Whenever a vehicle enters your office premises, you can instruct them to display this badge. When the vehicle is travelling and parked in your campus, you can easily identify whether that car was authorized and permitted for entry. It prevents unauthorized entry of cars inside the premises. Parking space numbers can be printed on these cards so that the cars can easily identify their designated parking spot.

Another important use of this badge is for employees. You can issue permanent parking badges to your employees, which will have designated parking numbers printed on them. Therefore, these badges will serve a dual purpose - for parking and for identification. That is why we think that this unique concept by us will surely be useful for your company.

- Designed with our special in-house technology known as APiT (Akash Pore inFUSION Technology)
- Smudge Proof
- Water Resistant (Available in Corporate type)
- Superior Quality card base
- Spectrum Colours used for image clarity
- Cards can be washed if dust accumulates (Available in Corporate type)
- Images / text print does not fade easily